New Year; New Writing Workflow

Ok, Glass. Make me a famous Internet person.

Trying to come up with new ideas to write about all the time is difficult for me for some reason. I am good at conversing and arguing ad hoc, but not so good at committing my ideas to paper. To help with this, I’ve started using Drafts, and iPhone dictation to record my thoughts and get a lot of ideas out quickly.

I’m interested in seeing how this new process works out, and if it makes a difference in terms of what, and how often I post. I’m going to use this method for a few weeks and see what the results are.

My Initial Feelings

In my testing of it so far, it seems to be about a useful as expected, and a big improvement over having to type everything.

Previously, my biggest hurdle was fighting the temptation to stop and edit as I wrote. The desire to want to write and edit at the same time slowed me down so freaking much. With dictation however, I’m less likely to want to edit stuff.

Instead, I just try my best to get into the flow of an idea, and talk as long as possible. The only thing that’s been difficult initially, is having to think a sentence or two ahead of what I’m saying to be able to keep up the flow.

Overall, it seems to be a fairly challenging, though fruitful, exercise.

Public Speaking Prep Course

It serves the dual benefit of not only allowing me to write more, but also forces me to clarify my ideas as I write them. It’s like public speaking and blogging wrapped up in one.

The low friction method of saving ideas also makes it really easy to grab notes and thoughts as they come to me. Since I always have my phone handy, I always have everything I need to save an idea. By using dictation rather than typing things manually, when an idea strikes, I can express everything as quickly as the ideas come to me.

Much like programming, the ability to enter and maintain a state of flow is essential to getting anything accomplished.

I’ll be sure to post an update in a few weeks once I’ve had some more practice with this approach, and share my results.

Also, I promise I’m going to write about other topics, and not just get meta about productivity things I don’t understand, and have no experience with.