New Open Source Projects

I’ve been working on a couple of open source projects over the past week.

The first is called NDA App which is a web-based way to have people sign NDA’s when they stop by the office. After having to paper-sign a few documents recently, I figured it would be worthwhile to steal the way Square and Heroku do things, and open it up for anyone.

The second is a NODE.js app for making note taking easy, called Alfred Notes. During the course of my daily development, I try to take as many notes as possible, so I can keep track of what I did each day. In addition, having a written log makes it easy to go back and scoop stuff up to write about later. Having to keep an MD file open, and alt-tab to and from it wasn’t as convenient as it could be. With this, I now have a simple endpoint I can POST text to via an Alfred App script, and store it in a MongoDB database for later review.

I’m working on documentation and product roadmaps for both. Once those are ready, I’ll be putting up product pages on this site, as well.

Oh, and of course, pull requests and suggestions are always welcome!